Upskill Employee Story – Sunil Chauhan



When Sunil Chauhan holds his morning meetings with a team of 20 people, he is a man who is at the top of his game both as a team leader and as the head of the senior backend process and support department.

An excellent team leader who knows how to motivate his team, celebrate their achievements and help them cross the roadblocks, Sunil says, “I am just giving my team what I have received from my seniors at Pay1”. As Sunil celebrates the success his team had last month of completing 1000 activation in a month, it also commemorates his personal journey with Pay1 of spectacular learning, growth, and fulfilled aspirations.

Seeking an organisation that respects individual talents, nourishes aspirations and places value on people before products, Pay1 was the perfect opportunity Sunil wanted when he decided to exit his previous employer.

Sunil has worked with a well-established company for 8 years in the customer support vertical. While those 8 years honed his skills in digital and technical support functions, it lacked the elements of holistic profile building. “I was doing good work there, but I was not really noticed,” explains Sunil, feeling lost in the ocean of people, power and politics.

An arts graduate by qualification, Sunil always had faith in his ability to work hard and build his professional life and at Pay1, his faith has only become stronger than a person’s internal will to succeed is stronger than outside currents.



When Sunil joined Pay1 as a senior executive in B2C product marketing, sales and promotion, he was not quite sure of the road ahead. But Pay1 is an organisation which pushes people to move outside their comfort zone and provides extraordinary support by training, handholding and freedom to make mistakes. “I had no experience of field sales and promotion, but I did not feel alone or inadequate at all,” remembers Sunil, who joined under the CXO Chirutha Dalal.

After working as a senior executive for B2C products marketing, Sunil was looking for a larger challenge. This landed him an opportunity to become a part of the backend processing and infrastructure department. In this new role, Sunil got a chance to understand various Pay1 products like recharge, DMT, mPOS etc. His ability to take ownership and Pay1’s culture of giving opportunities and freedom at work soon made him a team leader.




His elaborate profile made him understand products not just from the backend operations point but also from a business viewpoint. One of the best parts of his current role is that he has been able to understand how an organisation functions and how various functions like sales, IT, product development, finance and accounts, and legal are interdependent. “I have got a chance to interact with the CXOs of all functions without any hierarchy coming in the way,” says Sunil.

Sunil admires Pay1 culture of giving complete ownership to employees and giving them confidence that their contribution is valuable. The start-up has given its employees a strong freedom to implement their inputs and observations. Pay1 encourages people to innovate and reinvent themselves by lauding constant learning and providing opportunities for professional growth.