About Us


Pay1 is a digital network of manufacturers, distributors and retailers. India is a country of farmers and traders. These two sectors are the pillars of the Indian economy. Pay1 has taken the lead to transform and empower the trade sector. Acting as a catalyst, Pay1 aims to provide the trade community with new opportunities for growth using innovative solutions, technology and content.
With this vision in mind, Pay1 has created a unique digital network of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers with the objective of achieving a sustainable and prosperous economy.


Pay1 mission is to transform and empower the trade community. The trade community consists of micro entrepreneurs with tremendous potential for growth. They are mainly the unorganized retail sector – your corner mom & pop store, the local convenience (kirana) shop…this unorganized retail sector constitutes 97% of the total retail sector in India.
Increasing disposable incomes, urbanisation and attitudinal shifts are contributing to increased footfalls in the unorganized retail sector. It however still remains shackled due to inefficient supply-chain management issues. Coupled with absence of proper infrastructure and distribution channel and no market research to guide manufacturers and distributors, the unorganized retail sector falls short in its growth and potential vis-à- vis the organized retail sector (for example, online retail). Therefore, the growth of this unorganized retailer community especially, women micro entrepreneurs; translates into growth for the entire ecosystem, right from manufacturers to consumers, ultimately leading to employment generation. We believe it is this employment generation that will fuel India’s growth. The Pay1 vision rests on this very fundamental belief and truth. The digital platform and network created by Pay1 plays a crucial role in the overall economic growth of India.


By creating a digital network and platform Pay1 helps channelize goods and services which assists consumers to get what they want, where they want.
The Pay1 platform is the pivot that transforms and empowers the retailer and helps him/her become the change agent and influencer in the local community.


Economic prosperity the digital way is Pay1’s unique offering. A simple registration process and an easy to download and use application changes the very life of those connected on the Pay1 platform.
Our technology based offerings provide unique and innovative products that cater to various aspects of the manufacturer-retailer supply chain such as smart payment solutions, using big and deep data to identify new products for new geographies, and integrating easy finance with easy availability of these new products thereby leading to increased consumer footfall and retention and increased earnings. The Pay1 digital platform is geared in a way that drives manufacturers, distributors and retailers towards economic goals – it gives them financial freedom and acceptance in society. Each transaction done on the Pay1 digital platform translates into a loyalty point for the manufacturer, distributor or retailer. The more you transact, the more points you get. The more points you get, the more you earn. It is that simple.
The people behind the apps We’re passionate about the cities we call home. Our teams are working to create opportunities for millions of people and improve the way everyone gets from A to B. It’s no small task. But we wouldn’t want it any other way.
Anurag Jain is the CEO and co-founder of Pay1, a digital platform that connects retailers across India. Driven by his passion and vision to connect each and every retailer on Pay1’s digital platform, Anurag is always thinking of new ideas and is consumed with the thought of how innovation and technology can change India’s unorganized retail landscape.
Anurag Jain CEO
A Postgraduate in Computer Science from IIT Bombay, it was the zeal to do something on his own that impelled Ashish Arya to co-found Pay1. In his avatar as CTO for Pay1, Ashish focuses on making the digital platform full proof and successful. His passion for coding drives him to experiment with new technologies and look for innovative solutions.
Ashish Arya CTO
With over a decade of experience, Chirutha Dalal is the COO and Co-Founder at Pay1. A graduate in Computer Applications, Chirutha is also a HFI Certified Usability Analyst. Chirutha excels in managing the daily, dynamic operations at Pay1 effortlessly. Her strong people management skills help her ensure that departmental requirements are met immediately.
Chirutha Dalal COO
Vinit thrives on challenges, which also motivate him. As Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) for Pay1 since its inception, Vinit is driven by the passion of ensuring that Pay1 brand is recognized for the digital platform and network it has created for retailers and the unlocking of the economic value it generates across geographies.
Vinit Khanvilkar CPO
Support - info@pay1.in 022 67242238 / 42932288