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Pay1 is India’s fastest growing retail-tech platform empowering unorganised retailers to add revenue streams, provide them access to credit and use technology to grow their business. This platform also provides a superior distribution channel to products and services companies. The platform also helps in cross-selling, advertising and promotion of the products and services into offline retail sector via our extensive network of retailers. India being a country of farmers and traders it becomes crucial for these two pillars of our economy to progress. Pay1 has taken the lead to transform and empower the unorganised retail trade sector. With this vision in mind, Pay1 has created a unique digital network of retailers (दुकानदारों का नेट्वर्क) with the objective of achieving a sustainable and prosperous economy.


Pay1’s mission is to transform and empower the trade community. The trade community consists of micro-entrepreneurs with tremendous potential for growth. They are mainly the unorganised retail sector which consists of your corner mom & pop store, the local convenience (kirana) shop…this unorganised retail sector constitutes 97% of the total retail sector in India. It however still remains shackled due to inefficient supply-chain management issues. Coupled with the absence of proper infrastructure and distribution channel and no market research to guide manufacturers and distributors, the unorganised retail sector falls short in its growth and potential vis-à- vis the organised retail sector (for example, online retail).Therefore, the growth of this unorganised retailer community especially, micro-entrepreneurs; translates into growth for the entire ecosystem, right from manufacturers to consumers, ultimately leading to employment generation. We believe it is this employment generation that will fuel India’s growth.


By creating a digital network platform Pay1 helps channelise goods and services which assists consumers to get what they want and where they want. The Pay1 platform is the pivot that transforms and empowers the retailer and also helps the products and service industry to promote their brands through our extensive offline network.


Economic prosperity the digital way is Pay1’s unique offering. A simple registration process and an easy to download and use application changes the very life of those connected on the Pay1 platform. Our technology-based offerings provide unique and innovative products that cater to various aspects of the supply chain management such as smart payment solutions, using big and deep data to identify new products for new geographies. Each transaction done on the Pay1 digital platform translates into a loyalty for the retailer. The more you transact, the more points you get. The more points you get, the more you earn.
team Alakh Gargiya | CEO An alumnus of IIT-Bombay, Alakh has a decade of experience in investment banking at JP Morgan and Barclays across geographies.  His core strengths have been building businesses and managing global clients. Alakh enriches the team with his keen sense of business direction, growth strategy and new product development. His past avatar as a team builder makes him a great leader, leading pay1 and its team to growth and profitability.
Alakh is passionate about education, skill development and empowering the under-serviced workforce. An avid reader and a frequent flyer, books, travel and food are some of his many passions.
team Ashish Arya | Co-founder, CTO A Computer Science post graduate from IIT Bombay, Ashish was working with Larch Tech Services before co-founding Pay1. His prior experience is in designing value-added services, SMS packages and content on the mobile for a start-up, sms-tadka. While developing the packages for the start-up, he saw the need for a digital platform to organise the distribution of digital services to retailers. This led him to co-found Pay1.
His expertise in technology and software architecture makes him the backbone of Pay1. When not writing codes, or tinkering with the latest in the world of technology, he assumes the role of a keen observer and a great listener.
team Vinit Khanvilkar | Co-founder, CBO A software engineer with 12 years of experience in developing user interfaces, web applications, portals and websites, Vinit understands technology from the business and user perspective. His previous stint at start-up sms-tadka, building telecom value-added services became the genesis of his co-founding Pay1. In his 7 years of the journey at building Pay1, Vinit has been involved right from acquiring the first retailer on board to laying the distributor network, finances and network expansion. In addition to leading the business development, he also focuses on the procurement of current offerings at the platform. Vinit has a problem solver approach with a keen focus on market expansion and driving sales. A cricketer at heart, he has a passion for everything techie like video games, online games and the latest tools in the software world.
team Chirutha Dalal | Co-founder, COO With over a decade of experience, Chirutha is a veteran at conceptualisation, planning and execution.  Chirutha enriches the team with her expertise in operations, product development and people management. She has designed pioneer products like flora2000, yo4ya, remindo and start-up product sms-tadka. While implementation of value-added services and content on the mobile for retailers she saw the lack of organised distribution channel for the content to the retailers. The idea evolved and remodeled into pay1.
She thrives in cross-functional teams and stiff deadlines. She is also an HFI Certified Usability Analyst.
Chirutha when not focussing on aligning business goals with technology outcomes is found in deep conversations mentoring and motivating her team.
team Abhinav Mathur | CFO Abhinav has total 7 years of senior management experience in retail industry with total of 13 years of finance experience in Analytics, Banking and Start-ups. He was part of Infibeam senior management team when it became the first Indian e-commerce start-up to be listed on the Indian Stock exchange. Prior to Infibeam, he has worked with firms like Future Group, Bank of America, WNS and Maple Digital Technologies. His interest in designing & implementing frameworks and helping the start-ups structure their finances, funding and cash flow needs has made him join the retail start-up ecosystem. The momentum, energy and speed of action are what thrill him about the start-ups.
He holds an MBA in finance. Abhinav can be found at the gym or playing a sport after wrestling with the financial statements and balance sheets.
Support - help@pay1.in 022 42932288