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Cashdrop Services

Become the cash collection center of your location and increase your monthly earning by getting a good commission on collecting cash for various categories such as NBFC, Ecommerce - Agriculture etc

Cashdrop Services


Our retailers can become a center point for Cash collection of their location and increase their monthly earnings. This service is available across the country. They can collect cash from the depositors of various categories such as NBFC, E-commerce - Agriculture, Health Insurance Company, Car Loan Companies, E-rental payments of E Auto, Home Loans, E-commerce logistics, Business & retail loan, Dairy, Ecommerce Food, NGO, Travel, Two-wheeler Loan, etc. And earn huge on commissions, We have our tie-ups with more than 30 billers to name a few Adani Capital, AgroStar, Bajaj Finance, Home Credit, L&T Financial Services, Hero Fin Corp, Shriram Finance Group, Capital First/IDFC, Swiggy, Zomato, and many others

Cash Management

Benefits of Cash Drop Service

Free Service

Retailers do not have to pay any charges to the company to activate this service. Cash Drop is a free service for all retailers

Instant bank settlement

Cash Drop has an Instant bank settlement facility that gives instant commissions to the retailers

Easy to Use Service

Retailers have to create the onetime account of their customers/depositors and then they only have to enter the ID no. of their customer/depositor and can proceed with the transactions

Commissions on Every Transaction

Cash Drop has an instant bank settlement facility which helps the retailers get instant commissions on every transaction

Tokens on Every transaction

With every transaction retailers can earn commissions as well as tokens. With the help of these tokens, retailers can increase their earning. They can activate the commission booster pack and increase their commissions, or they can use it for scratch coupons and can earn up to Rs. 5000 in a single day

Available For

Through Cash Drop Service, retailers can collect cash from their customers/depositors for various services such as Loan payment, EMI Payment, Cash drop, Policy payment, and many more