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EMI & Cash Collection

Become the EMI and cash collection center of your location and increase your monthly earning by getting a good commission on collecting cash for various categories such as NBFC, Ecommerce - Agriculture etc

Cashdrop Services

The digital India revolution has brought about a massive transformation in the way banking business is conducted. Using traditional methods and combining them with digital technology has become the new norm, allowing more and more people and organisations to seamlessly conduct financial transactions.

Cash Management

What are Cash Management Services?

Cash management services enable entities that deal in cashless transactions to manage their financial transactions using digital intelligence, including best treasury management software and other such practices. These services help create an integrated digital ecosystem between cash collectors and cash depositors like suppliers, service providers, employees, etc. Such a system ensures that financial information collection and transactions are undertaken smoothly using safe and secure methods. Whether it is an EMI or monthly instalment collection or regular cash collection, cash management services provide solutions in the form of financial products to cater to these problems in an efficient, speedy and safe manner.

Who Can Benefit From Cash Management Solutions?

Any business of any size and involved in any sector can benefit from having a sound cash management service in place. Cash collection services allow businesses to grow and optimise.From non-banking financial institutions, e-commerce companies, logistic providers, food delivery companies and aggregators, insurance companies to brick and mortar retailers and mom and pop stores engaged in India’s unorganised sector—all can benefit from cash collection services.

Benefits of Cash Management Solutions

Easier cash collection services

Reduction in cash collection cost

Quicker fund realisation

Acceleration of cash receivables

Improved control measures over financial transactions

Availability of cash in the rural and semi-urban areas

Easier EMI acceptance


Where Can I Find a Good Cash Management Solution?

Cash collection services in India have become upcoming as more parts of the country are going paperless and digital in terms of their financial transactions. Cash management solutions offered by Pay1 provide retailers in India’s massive, unorganised sector the ability to carry out services concerning cash collection.

How Will a Cash Management Service Help?

An extensive network:

Integrating your business with a cash management service will allow you to become part of a pan-India network of thousands of retailers spread in various rural and urban parts of the country.

Seamless settlement:

Whether it is outside of banking hours or on public holidays, cash management services allow you to quickly convert physical cash into digital cash and, thus, settle physical cash that customers have deposited on a real-time basis.


You have access to an efficient dashboard that provides insight into any information about the cash collection services. Whether you want information on a daily or monthly basis, or information relating to a particular agent, the service will provide you all this to help you track your business’s performance.

Access to more customers:

By expanding establishments into cash collection services, India has genuinely witnessed a rise in the number of digital transactions. This enables companies to expand their market and reach customers irrespective of geography or income status. For lower-income households, cash collection services allow you to deposit even smaller sums of money to digitise, which ordinarily could be difficult.

Reduce overheads & increase customer trust:

The cash collection cost is usually high due to overhead expenses associated with manual cash collection. Traditional cash collection methods may also give rise to discrepancies in the collection process. Digitising and unifying the cash collection process makes it easier for a business to conduct operations and consumers to trust the business.

Safe & secure:

Digital payments are conducted over encrypted and safe mechanisms, thus ensuring conversion of cash from physical to digital remains genuinely secure. These methods use personal identification, information validation, and unique identification and are linked to digital modes like UPI and Aadhar, making it safe.

Pay1 Cash Collection Services India—Dukandaron Ka Network

Pay1 provides establishments in the unorganised retail sector with effortless EMI and cash management services. Its unique cash management solutions are focused on helping retailers become digital and banking points for customers to facilitate easier financial product distribution.