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Khata Management

Pay1 Distributor Khata is a simplified record management system that creates transparency between the retailers and distributor transactions. It helps them in managing their account effectively

Khata Management

Distributor Khata

It is time to replace the traditional Udhar bahi khata with a new digital Distributor Khata. The primary function of the distributor khata is to assist distributors & retailers in conducting comprehensive Khata Management. We provide them with a dashboard where they can add the names and numbers of their retailers as per their convenience. Khata Management Service is 100% Free, Safe, and Secure for all types of businesses to maintain. It is a Tally for mobile, accessed at a single click of a button. Distributors can use the app to record credit (Jama) and debit (Udhaar) transactions for their retailers

distributor khata

Benefits of Distributor Khata

Transparency between the retailers and Distributors

Initially, during bhai khata time, it was not easy to maintain so many accounts of customers/retailers. Which also use to create disputes on records because there was a lack of transparency between retailers and distributors. Today, Distributor Khata System has become an essential part of their business. It helps them to maintain the records and, at the same time, has transparency on both ends

Paperless Accounts

The simple, convenient, and paperless model of the Distributor Khata Service have brought about a complete change in the way small and medium business functions. Now they no more have to rely on the hardcopy diaries or paper-based account books for keeping track of their transactional operations. Distributor Khata helps them to digitize their financial records and view them anytime, anywhere

Saves Time & Cost

Distributor Khata System helps the distributors, as well as retailers, save both time and money. They no more have to struggle with handwritten dairies anymore. Neither they have to purchase expensive account books where debit & credit need to log in separately. Instead, they can use distributor khata in a safe, secure, and customized format

Online payment facility is available

Retailers can make the payment digitally. The amount received to retailers' wallets can digitally transfer to distributors' wallet. Distributors can further use that money for their business. It makes the cash rolling easier and faster both for retailers as well as retailers