Upskill: A Movement to develop employee skills and careers

23rd feb blog

For the company, the empowerment begins at home

The relation of any company and its employees is a very symbiotic relationship. If the employee within the company evolves the company along with him/her also grows and vice versa.  Creating learning-centered work culture is not only important to retain talent, but also to develop the leaders of tomorrow.

Taking these lessons home and auctioning them efficiently is Pay1’s initiative “Upskill”, where they encourage employees to engage in learning, training and skill development according to their professional goals.  Skill development is an important factor for the growth of an employee within any company. It is this constant development of skill and knowledge in any sector that empowers an employee and helps them to better and refine themselves on a regular basis. The goal of the company is to not only empower the unorganised retailers by acting as a platform but also help the employees working in the company to constantly expand their knowledge purview.

Pay1 embodies inclusiveness and impact. A company which believes in giving opportunities to eager, passionate and willing candidates is changing the fundamentals of hiring and eventually training.

 The choice of desire Vs degrees

At Pay1 people from all walks of professional life and education, background are welcome with only desire, passion and commitment being the prerequisite. We are a team of passionate young professionals where education, qualifications, degrees and diplomas are not the entry barriers

The “Upskill” initiative is designed to give a skill boost and a career push to all those employees who want to upgrade themselves. “We have many talented team members who could not acquire certain skill-sets before starting work because they either did not have the opportunity or exposure”, believes the executive team. Hence the attempt is to make learning possible and continuous at all stages of professional life. It is not just the initiatives like “Upskill” help the employee thrive in the organisation but also the flat hierarchy where the employees are given the complete freedom to experiment with their profile and work. The employees are also involved extensively in the decision-making process. This creates an environment of ownership, involvement, and recognition within the organisation. As a company, we bear a certain influence on our employees and by exposing them to such open work culture and providing them with growing opportunities we create an environment of optimism and a thriving outlook that not only drives our employees to success but the company along with them.



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