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PAN Card Centre

With everything around us becoming so digital, Pan cards are becoming an almost inevitable element of our lives. Now you can associate yourself with Pay1 to become an authorized Pancard agent for providing basic services like making a new Pancard to updating an old one to your customers. Our strong network ensures a seamless experience for you and your customers

PAN card

PAN Card Agency

Pay 1 provides a unified platform for services that are related to the application of a new PAN Card. It also takes care of all the processes that are related to the application. If you are looking to expand your services, go to the PAN card agency, and apply for registration.

PAN card, also known as Permanent Account Number, is a digital identification number issued to all taxpayers in India. It is issued by the Income Tax Department and is considered an important document for every individual. A system known as Tax Information Network (TIN) collects, processes, monitors, and accounts the direct taxes.

We are authorized to apply PAN cards through our retail network. You can be a part of our retail network and apply for UTI PAN card agency registration. Once you are a registered agent, you can make online applications for new and duplicate PAN Cards or make corrections in the PAN card.

Pay 1 gives you a great opportunity to become an authorized agent for a PAN card.

Be a Part of PAN-Family

Pay 1 is a leading PAN card agency provider where you can apply for PAN card agent registration. You can start an online and authorized PAN card center.

One of the biggest challenges for anyone applying for a PAN card is understanding how to fill the form. As a UTI PSA agent, you can help them with the same and the submission process.

Documents Required to Process PAN Card

When you get your UTI PAN agency registration, you can successfully help in issuing new PAN cards to individuals.

The applicant needs to submit a few documents, along with the form, which includes a recent and coloured stamp size photograph, proof of address, date of birth, and proof of identity.

How to Apply for a New PAN Card?

Purchase the PAN card coupons from the Pay1

Login to the UTI portal. We will share the login details with you.

Fill the Pre-form and Main Form

Ensure all the details are filled correctly before submitting the forms

Once submitted, save the PDF of the form and take its printout

Next, stick the applicant’s photo in the form and request the applicant to sign.

Scan the form along with the Aadhar card. It will act as the address proof, date of birth proof, and identity proof of the applicant.

Upload the scanned copy of the Aadhar card along with the application form.

When the required documents are submitted, you can download the submitted documents.

The application will be processed within 15 days.

You can easily track the status of the PAN card application.

Submit the hardcopy of all the documents to UTI. Remember, the online application and hard copies must have the same details.

Benefits of PAN agency registration with Pay1:

- Earn commission on each PAN card

- Constant support from our team

- Transparent procedures portal

So, don’t wait anymore. Go ahead with the registration and PAN card agency application online for your customers.

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