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Using our mPOS (Mobile point of sale) service and dPOS, you can easily accept payment requests from your customers using the Debit and Credit of all the banks. This not only gives your customers more options to pay you money but also provides you with an opportunity to earn attractive commissions. So what are you waiting for? Go and download the Pay1 merchant app now!

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How do you collect payments from your customers? Apart from taking cash, you may have a POS system like a credit card or debit card machine. You can take your shop’s operations to the next level by introducing an mPOS machine in the shop.

Opt for Pay1 merchant mPOS (mobile point-of-sale) which will boost your small business by helping you deal with cash transactions with ease. The mPOS system allows you to accept credit payments but it is not fixed to one point like the traditional POS system. These systems are paired with a smart device like a smartphone either through a wire or wirelessly.

Earlier, mPOS was only used by high-end retailers but now it has penetrated into every small and medium retail store. As a shop owner, you need to take advantage of it to attract more customers and grow the business.

5 Major Advantages of mPOS System in Your Shop:

- Quicker Payments: One way you can make shopping more efficient for customers is by making the payments quicker. They don’t have to wait in line to complete the payment and you can take the POS machine to where they are. You can provide instant confirmation to the customers and it all cuts down the transaction time.

- Increased convenience: With a POS billing machine, you can digitize the shopping experience. The customer can buy and pay, all from one place instead of having to move between the aisles.

- Increased security: This is a huge benefit for the customers as mPOS systems and Micro ATM Terminal does not store credit card data or mobile wallet details on the system. The Card Swipe Machine has an SSL encryption of the payment details. This offers a higher level of protection for the customers. This way, your customers will feel safe to carry out online transactions.

- More Profit: Shops with mobile Point of Sale terminals will see a higher profit. You get the opportunity to upsell as you can engage with the customers. Since you would be making shopping an easier and faster experience, customers will be more open to your suggestions and may buy more than what they came for. This will result in higher profits.

- Higher Customer Satisfaction: You can greatly increase customer satisfaction levels with a mobile POS Terminal. The transactions are safe, accurate, and quick. This will encourage the customer to buy from you again. High customer satisfaction levels equal to repeat customers, which will benefit your business.

Apart from a Merchant POS Terminal, you need to have a dPOS system in your shop. It will help you with several aspects of managing a retail store more efficiently. It helps you manage your business transactions, make sales reports, manage inventory, cash flow and accounts management, and scale as per your business requirements. It greatly helps small and medium-sized businesses and monitors your sales.

If you don’t have an mPOS and dPOS system in your shop already, it is time you sign up for one with Pay1.

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