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Motor Insurance

Pay1 brings you yet another exciting feature for making your customer’s lives easier and providing you an opportunity to earn an attractive commission through our Insurance facility. As simple as it sounds, it is even more simple to perform this operation. Now you can easily Insure your customer’s two-wheeler or complete Motor Insurance at the touch of your fingertips with our app on your smartphone. So download the Pay1 merchant app today !

Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance Retailer

Almost everyone has a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, which is expensive. One way to protect them is by taking motor insurance. Pay1 helps you offer motor insurance to your customers.

Benefits Being Pay1 Vehicle Insurance Retailer

- Once you become a retailer with us, you will be able to sell any type of motor insurance to all your customers online.

- You will be partnered up with multiple motor insurance providers. This allows you to offer options to your customers and give them the policy that is the best for them.

- You can earn extra income without putting in much effort. You will get commissions for every sale of insurance policy, which means more earnings.

- All you need to start servicing your customers to offer third party insurance is a smartphone along with an internet connection. There is no other investment from your end.

What the Customers Will Get From You?

The process is fast and simple and you can give them motor insurance in a matter of minutes

The car insurance policy is usually issued on the spot

The premiums are low and the success rate is high. This is what customers look for before buying any type of car or motorbike insurance.

What Will a Comprehensive Insurance Cover?

- Loss of Damage to the Vehicle: This includes damage against natural calamities like earthquake, hurricane, cyclone, hailstorm, and incidents of fire or explosion. It also covers damage to the new car or second-hand car by man-made calamities like theft, riot, malicious acts, terrorist activity or damage in transit by rail, elevator, air, or road.

- Personal Accident Cover: Accidents are unfortunate but they are a very real possibility. Comprehensive motor insurance offers accident coverage for the owner or driver of the vehicle while driving, traveling, mounting, or dismounting the vehicle. You can offer your customers an optional personal accident cover for co-passengers as well.

- Third-Party Legal Liability: This will protect the customer against legal liability that may occur due to accidental damages that result in permanent injury or death of a person, or any damage to physical property.

What Doesn’t the Auto Insurance Cover?

There are some exclusions to the insurance cover. These include:

- Regular wear and tear of the vehicle

- Damage due to general aging of the vehicle

- Any mechanical or electrical breakdown

- Wear and tear or tyres or tubes

- Damage to or by driving under the influence of liquor or drugs

- Damage to or by driving without a valid license


It would be a great idea to consider adding this service to your business as it will create regular recurring income for you as a retailer.

Register as a four or two wheeler insurance agent with Pay1 and watch your business grow.

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