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Hotel Booking

Pay1 has tie-ups with various hotel chains and travel agencies across the country. So with the Pay1 merchant app, you get the power of accessing and browsing through the various plans and features of these hotel chains and travel agencies and then choose the best option for you and your customer. So, for next time, don’t forget to use our app to check in to a new hotel

Hotel Booking

Hotel Booking Platform

There are many occasions when a customer may choose to book a hotel room – when they are traveling, for a wedding, business trips, or even when competing in sports tournaments. Most people do not want to go through the booking process on their own. This is where you can help them out – as a hotel and travel booking platform.

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Why Become a Hotel Booking Agent with Pay1?

As an agent, you can book for 1 person or a huge group, in any location at some of the best prices available. You can register with Pay1 as an agent and book through the B2B hotel booking portal.

The best part is you can work from home or your shop. You can reserve domestic and international hotel rooms for your customers across all budgets. By offering the best prices to your customers and you get a chance to earn a high commission on each booking.

You can book the hotel rooms in real-time and give instant confirmation to your customers. You can offer a hotel booking service in a budget hotel, cottage, resort, and luxury hotel using online hotel booking portals In India.

What Can You Offer Your Customers?

As a B2B travel booking agent, you can offer the following benefits to your customer:

You can give your customers better deals and help them save money. This is especially good for businesses that book rooms for their employees whenever they travel.

The customers will save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on searching for hotel rooms and complete the required paperwork

Why Should You Consider Becoming a Hotel Booking Agent?

We provide a travel booking platform for all our agents that will help you book hotel rooms, domestically and internationally, with ease. If you are still wondering why you should be a hotel booking agent, here are a few reasons:

1. You will have access to great deals, which allows you to offer your customers great deals on hotel bookings.

2. You can give them tourism packages along with your hotel bookings. When they stay in any hotel, they can get access to travel packages offered by the hotel

3. You get the ability to book last-minute hotel rooms on an emergency basis, which is beneficial for businesses.

4. You can also offer travel insurance to your customers at an affordable price.

Grab this opportunity to become a leading B2B hotel booking portal in India. You can expand your business and offer this service along with your regular offerings. Some ways it will benefit your business is by:

Allowing you to engage with your customers and increase customer loyalty. Loyal customers mean more business for your shop.

Since you will be making it easy to book a hotel, you will get more customers looking to book hotel rooms. This will help you make more money.

It is simple to sign up with Pay1 to become a hotel booking agent. All you need is a laptop or computer and an internet connection and you can start this new business.

Want to become a Pay1 Retailer? We have exciting services for you on our Pay1 Merchant application.