Investing in technologies, is always the best choice.

Investing in technologies is always the best choice.

Why are small businesses keen to invest in technologies? Old thought, philosophies and concepts sometimes seem true whilst you run a business. Old theories like you have to spend money to make money being on of the classics and its relevance being apt in the world of technologies. If your small business fails to invest properly […]

How to make your small business count

How to make your small business count?

If adding value to your small business is a challenge, it’s time you win it Running a small business could be challenging, to manage your employees, market your products and everything in between. As a small business owner, you have to handle too many things at one go. With all these multitasking, the chances of […]

Productivity boosters for your small business

Productivity boosters for your small business

Is slow productivity stopping your business from growing rapidly? Productivity holds a very important segment in business, most particularly within small companies. If your business is running at maximum productivity, there is scope that you can make it more efficient and profitable, by enabling it to develop and grow. However, there are other factors that […]

How Retailers can meet Today's Customer Expectations

How Retailers can meet Today’s Customer Expectations

  Shopping is one thing today’s consumers are well versed at, being tech savvies and extremely experienced when it comes to shopping in traditional and virtual channels. To constantly stay connected to consumer’s sophisticated and high expectations for service, value, offers and choice. The power has shifted for the retailer to the consumer and it’s […]

customer loyalty program

How a customer loyalty program can benefit your business?

Nowadays retaining a customer in any business has become a biggest challenge. Brands spend huge amount of money in retaining customers. One of the strategies in retaining customer is the customer loyalty program. How does it work? In simple words the customers that tend to purchase product or services from same brand show their loyalty […]