11th may

The thriving unorganised businesses seem disarrayed but are they really un-organised?

Enter any bazaar in our country the hustle and bustle, the loud noises of dukaandars shouting out prices of the products they sell. No place in the world will feel as alive as these bazaars, zeal through which our dukaandars sell the products is unmatched. It feels chaotic and lively at the same time, if we step back and […]

26th april

Cashing in on less cash

  What happens to the financial health of a country when its ATM’s run out of money? Is this an indication of another disruption brewing under the surface or is it an opportunity to nudge the country towards already propagated and intensely promoted digital economy. With ATM’s drying up in some pockets of the country, […]

3rd april (1)

Pay1: An engine to power (Aadhaar Enabled Payments)

The Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) is at the forefront of increasing financial inclusion in India, especially in the rural and semi-urban pockets. And Pay1 is gearing up to deploy these AePS machines as an ideal replacement to the usage of debit cards. Aadhaar enabled payment system (AePS) has been conceived by the nodal agency National Payment […]

27th march (1)

Here Is Why Digital Banking Will Take Over Conventional Banking By 2022.

From ‘Conventional Banking’ to ‘Convenient Banking’, India has come a long way when it comes to digitalisation. The aggressive measures that are taken by the government to promote ‘Digital India Movement’ is resulting in a revolution with a ripple effect, affecting almost every industry. Digital banking is one of the outcomes of such revolutionary step […]


Creating a ‘Digitally connected’ India

Everywhere there is talk of digital inclusion and digital payments. The Government is earnestly pushing for the same. Recently, NITI Ayog reiterated digital thrust as a focus area amongst the 300 action points submitted for accelerating Indian economy. Yet, for this to happen, India needs to be digitally connected and even if the whole length-breadth […]

Empowered Local Shopkeeper

Here’s how Pay1 contributes to the economy by empowering the local shopkeepers.

The boom of urbanization and digital revolution in India has transformed Indian marketplaces never before. The retail industry in India shares about 22% of its GDP in Indian economy. As of 2015, there were 12 million kirana stores in India translating into 10 stores per 1,000 Indians. The advent of FDI in retail has enabled […]

What Must Retailers Do To Cope With Demonetization

What Must Retailers Do To Cope With Demonetization

Let us try and predict what the retail space will look like in 6 months’ time. Organized retail: COD (Cash On Delivery) occupies 80% of total sales for retail giants like Flipkart. This move will mean an extreme low, sales wise. It would force retail companies to innovate. Digital payment solutions will see an extreme […]

Economic Projections As A Result Of Demonetization

Economic Projections As A Result Of Demonetization

On the night of 8th November 2016 Indian economy and business changed drastically. Prime Minister Modi announced the discontinuation of 500 and 1000 denomination currency notes. The stated reason was to curb black money and tax evasion. However, the implications are much wider than just that. Most of the commentators have been focussing on the […]

Easy transfer of funds via NEFT & RTGS

Easy transfer of funds via NEFT & RTGS

For those who have been tired of transferring funds, here is what the govt has for you.. The RBI’s fund transfer options – NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) and RTGS (Real-Time Gross Settlement) provide digital transfer of funds from the remitter, who has an account in one bank, to the beneficiary, who has an account […]