20th march blog (1)

The Pay1 platform: Integrating diverse ecosystems

The power of a Retail-Tech platform is not only in upgrading its on-boarded retailers but also in connecting the products and services companies to their target market. This means integrating diverse ecosystems into its fold such that each can interact, inform and respond to their business and customer needs. The first ecosystem and the largest […]

16th march


  Walk on any road in Mumbai or any other urban city in India, amidst all the pollution, smog and dust you will certainly find men or women standing or sitting behind a counter reading newspapers or interacting with customers. Sometimes irreverent to their surroundings and sometimes keenly glancing at the pavements searching for customers. […]

13th march (1)

UPSKILL: Employee story– Deepti Chauhan

  Pay1 is an organisation that embodies empowerment to the core. It values its women power and hopes to contribute in shaping its talented women workforce into leaders of tomorrow. One such leader is Deepti Chauhan who has been a strong pillar of the organisation since past 4.5 years. Deepti was looking for a profile expansion and career enhancement when someone […]

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एक असाधारण नारी – नाज़िया ख़ान

ज़िंदगी का पहिया अपनी पूरी रफ़्तार से चलता जाता हैं और इसी रफ़्तार में फँसा हर इंसान, हर रोज़ वही काम वही रुटीन, एक दबाव जैसा महसूस करता हैं | हर दिन हम कुछ ऐसे लोगो से रूबरू होते है जो बहुत असामान्य जीवन जीते है पर ज़िंदगी में कठिनाइयों की फरियाद ना करते हुए आगे […]

6th march

Organised vs Unorganised: A battle of long term trust and short term marketing.

  The one difference between unorganised and organised retail is, one of the business tries too hard to develop a relationship with its customers and for the other, it is a legacy of relationships. Multinational retail giants try very hard to maintain the customer relationship. Marketing campaigns are focused towards pulling more customers and developing the companies brand image. […]

23rd feb blog

Upskill: A Movement to develop employee skills and careers

For the company, the empowerment begins at home The relation of any company and its employees is a very symbiotic relationship. If the employee within the company evolves the company along with him/her also grows and vice versa.  Creating learning-centered work culture is not only important to retain talent, but also to develop the leaders of tomorrow. […]