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Utility Recharge

Gone are the days when anyone used to stand in a long queue, waiting for hours just for filling their monthly bills namely Electricity, Water, and Gas. With the Pay1 merchant app in your mobile, you can ease your customer’s life and save their time by giving them the option of filling their monthly bill/ dues through your smartphone, Pay1 merchant app, and most importantly through you!

Utility Recharge

Utility Bill Payments

Enable customers to make utility bill payments easily at your establishment by becoming a Pay1 partner service provider. Customers can avail facilities to make electricity bill payments, mobile bill payments, gas bill payments, postpaid bill payments, water bill payments and other utilities in the one-click process. Register now to become a utility bill payment agent with Pay1 merchant services to gain happy customers and earn monthly profits from the high commissions.

No Wait Time To Pay Electricity Bills

Allow your customers the ease and benefit of paying their electricity bills from your establishment, and you don’t just enjoy the extra footfall, but also gain through agent commission. The payment method allows customers to make their electricity bills online or through your establishment. Convert your retail outlet into an electricity bill payment business with Pay1 and register now to become an electricity bill payment agent. Enjoy wholesome rewards like high commissions, cashback to your customers and a lot more!

Renew And Pay Gas Bills Easily

Gone are the days when one had to wait in long lines to be able for recharging or subscribing for gas cylinders. With the Pay1 merchant app, your customers can easily renew their subscriptions or pay gas bills without having to wait in line or travel long distances. Customers can pay their gas bills using digital payments or other modes while you gain BBPS agent commission to get wholesome rewards and happy customers!

Save Time And Pay All Your Bills Easily

Pay1 Merchant App is perfect for making any bill payments and supports several top digital payment options and banks to help you become a complete utility bill payment agent. Not just water bills, electricity bills or other utilities, your customers can easily make payments for mobile bill payment, landline bills and other facilities. To become a partner, all you need is a shop with a mobile or laptop/computer to get started!

Generate Extra Revenue As A Utility Bill Payment agent

As a utility bill payment agent, you can enable customers to recharge, pay bills and provide additional services that are quick and secure. Retailers can get the advantages like:

High-speed services for providing utility bill payments

Hassle-free bill payment without requiring any third-party intervention

Easy to use app that allows retailers to get started right away

Enjoy higher footfall as customers will prefer to come to your establishment rather than travel long distances to make bill payments

Earn high commissions with each utility bill payment, making it a win-win for retailers

Next, stick the applicant’s photo in the form and request the applicant to sign.

The app is easy to use and allows retailers to instantly pay your customers’ bills online at the click of a button. In case there are any issues, you can quickly get support on multiple platforms like telephone or SMS to get it resolved quickly.

This makes the Pay1 merchant app the most secure and trusted service in India and lets you provide customers with on-demand services from the comfort of your shop!

Want to become a Pay1 Retailer? We have exciting services for you on our Pay1 Merchant application.