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Pay1 brings you one more attractive option of increasing your options of accepting payments in the form of QR codes or UPI. Basically QR code is a contactless payment service that enables your customers to simply scan a code from their smartphone and complete the transaction. The service is highly reliable, safe, and secure and the transaction is performed almost instantly.

My QR Upi


An easy and quick way you can offer your customers for the payment is UPI or QR code. The process just involves scanning a code and the transaction will be completed in a safe and secure manner.

What is UPI Payment?

Unified Payment Interface or UPI allows the customers to use their smartphones as a virtual debit card to carry out payments. They can send money instantly. Apart from UPI, you can offer payment through QR Code.

You just have to generate a UPI payment link or QR code and share it with the customers to accept payments. They can use the ‘Scan and Pay’ feature on their UPI app and carry out the transaction.

All the transactions that are made using the UPI are free of charge and instantly credited to your bank account.

How to Generate UPI QR Code for your Shop?

- Download the UPI app

- Register and link your bank accounts through which you want to do transactions.

- Select ‘My QR Code’

- Once you do that, your QR code will be instantly generated and will be ready to use

- You can download this QR code, print it and put it in your shop where your customers can easily scan it and pay

How to Use UPI Payment?

You can request them to follow these steps if they want to pay using the app.

- Open the UPI payment app on their phone and select the ‘Scan and Pay’ features

- Scan your store’s UPI QR code using their smartphone’s camera

- Your payment details will be instantly captured and your customers can authorize the payment using their UPI mPIN

- As soon as the customer pays you, the amount will be instantly credited to your bank account

- You and the customer will receive an instant SMS notification and on the app that the transaction is completed

Benefits of UPI payment

Not only does it free the customers from carrying cash, but it is also a convenient way to pay for what they bought.

1. It is secure. The card or bank details won’t be exposed to anyone. The transaction will be secure for both you and your customer.

2. There are no additional charges that are applied to the customer for making payments using Mera Network Mera QR

3. The customers can use any app that supports UPI payment to carry out the transaction.

4. All the online payments are simplified. Your customers can just pay using a click of the button.

5. Your customers can use it to pay for groceries, pay bills or mobile recharges.

Is UPI payment online secure?

Many may wonder if UPI transactions are safe. The fact is that they use a highly secure encryption format that cannot be tampered with. You can receive payments worth of lakhs through the UPI payment link in a single day.

You do not have to put in any extra investment for this. All you need is a smartphone to generate the code and link your bank account to the UPI account. Providing easy payment options will help in increasing your business. So, generate your QR code and grow your business.

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