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Micro ATM

Are you tired of long queues, technical glitches, and cash unavailability at your nearest bank outlet. Well then, don’t worry about it anymore, because Pay1 brings you Micro ATM feature which can magically convert your regular shop into an ATM outlet. With us, you would be able to provide basic ATM services like cash withdrawal and balance inquiry to your customers.

Micro ATM

Micro ATM Service

Pay1 Micro ATM is a step forward to help your customers to get easy access to cash flow and perform digital other banking functions, all in the premises of your shop. The simple functionality provides ordinary citizens with easy access and secure cash withdrawal options while you make a commission on each transaction.

Perform all the financial actions without needing an ATM Machine

A Micro ATM is a device that enables vendors to deliver essential banking services to its customers. The platform is developed for local shop owners, retailers, Kirana shops, and others to provide low-cost Micro ATM services to its customers across the country. The Micro ATM machine price is low-cost and portable enough to carry wherever you want. This enables your customers to perform easy banking actions using their bank debit cards or their Aadhaar-linked accounts to complete banking transactions.

The micro ATM allows your customers to:

Withdraw cash from their bank account Check Balance Sale Benefits

Check Balance

Sale Benefits

Low-cost and accessible ATM functionalities

The Micro ATM is crafted, especially for those living in rural areas where banking options are limited. With the aim of financial inclusion, the Pay1 Merchant App enables retail partners to provide secure and easy Micro ATM services to their shops or establishments. As local shops are Kirana shops that are easily accessible to customers, Micro ATM machines are easy to use and make banking available to all sections of the society. The Micro ATM service provider can work for any bank and is simple to set up and use. The banking innovation brings the benefits of the ATM machine at your doorstep, helping you serve your customers better.

Increase footfall and earn from commissions

Digital finance and Micro ATMs are excellent not just for your customers, but there is something in it for you as well. Thanks to the Pay1 Digi App, you can easily convert your shop into a Micro ATM service provider while also adding the features of AePs Micro ATM. Simply download the app and register for yourself as a Micro ATM service provider. You can buy the Micro ATM Machine to get the add-on features and provide ATM facilities easily at your shop. This means your customers no longer have to walk long distances to withdraw cash, while you earn attractive commissions on each transaction made in your retail.

Not just that! Our instant settlement feature lets you settle cash immediately in your bank account without any waiting period. Now you can also provide your customers with Micro ATM and Aadhaar Micro ATM services without worrying about security or any technical issues.

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