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Digital Gold

Gone are the days when people used to invest in just physical Gold. E-gold or Digital gold is the new norm of the day and with Pay1 you can absolutely make use of such a service. You can use the Pay1 Safegold feature to buy, sell, and receive vaulted Gold. With our advanced technology, your investment into your first digital asset is absolutely safe and free from any threats

Digital Gold

Digital Gold Investment Platform

Pay1 provides a digital gold investment platform that will allow your customers to buy, sell, and receive valued gold. We use technology to bring efficiency and transparency in buying digital gold.

You can offer your customers the opportunity to purchase 24K gold. They won’t have to worry about compliance issues as the gold purchase will be compliant in nature. It will adhere to all the laws and regulations applied to the same. This is not a way for them to deposit the gold, but a platform where they can buy gold for their personal needs.

It is a perfect platform for making a digital gold investment. Your customers can request for the physical delivery of the gold at their home, at their convenience.

How Can Your Customer Invest in Gold Online?

Pay1’s gold is a digital way to purchase and sell gold. Your customers can purchase gold in small denominations that can be as small as Rs. 25. Based on this, the customers can buy and sell gold online whenever they want at live prices. All these prices are transparent to the bullion market.

They need not worry about the quality of gold being purchased as the customers will get the absolute best quality with every purchase.

Main Benefits of Digital Gold Investment

Buy gold online without security concerns

The investment can be as little as Rs. 25

There is no worry of storing the gold as it is stored in a central vault by the vendor

The customer can buy gold at any time, from any location

If they choose to get physical gold and safekeep on their own, they can choose doorstep delivery in either gold coins or bars.

They can even buy gold jewellery by converting the available gold balance at any online or offline jewellery retailers or getting exciting deals from the seller directly.

How Does Safegold Work?

- The customer can buy gold online at affordable prices.

- Then, they can maintain the gold balance online

- They can sell the gold anytime they want

Why Should You Register With Pay1?

It allows your customers to buy digital gold online with just a few clicks. There is no paperwork involved to get started as the process is entirely online.

The customers can buy, sell or store gold anytime

The digital gold can be converted to physical gold if desired

The physical gold can be home-delivered in a safe and easy manner whenever requested

Pay1 offer an easy, safe and convenient way to buy gold

- The customers will get the best price guaranteed

- The gold is secured in a third-party vault, thus keeping the customer’s investment safe

- This is a great option for Systematic Investment Planning

- The customers can buy the coins or jewellery from the accumulated gold whenever desired

All the customers need to do for digital gold purchase is open an account. After that, they can buy and sell the gold as per their wish. They can sell it when the selling price is higher than the buying price and get a high return on investment, or opt for a physical conversion if they are interested in buying gold for personal needs.

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