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Flight Booking

First flight journeys are always memorable for any person in their lives. Now make this special moment for your customer even more special by providing them the seamless experience of booking their flight ticket. With the Pay1 merchant app, you can book flight tickets both domestic and international from your phone. Our dedicated team of customer service agents makes sure that this process is hassle-free for you and your customers

Flight Booking

Flight Booking Business

People are travelling a lot these days and many of them are choosing air travel. A good idea to expand your business is by becoming a travel agent. If you are interested in being one, you can choose to be a retailer with Pay1 and operate using the best flight booking platform.

As our retailer, you can book all domestic and international flights, both Low Cost Carriers (LCC) and Full Service Carriers (FSC), with ease. You can book tickets for your customers based on ticket price, career choice, and timings. By offering easy domestic and international ticketing solutions, you can expand your customer base and business.

Why Be a Pay1 Travel Retailer?

We operate our business in a professional way and support our agents to cater to a large pool of customers. We will help you learn the basics and master the practice of booking flight tickets for many customers seamlessly.

Pay1 will help you out whenever you face an issue and make sure that you can provide a hassle-free experience to the customers using the flight booking platform. We will train you to provide end-to-end solutions to the customers, that include rescheduling the flight tickets or cancelling them. This way, you will be able to handle all the needs of your customers.

As an agent, you can instantly check the price of the flight tickets and confirm tickets. Other benefits include:

You will get the best flight ticket rates which you can offer to your customers

You get the best rates for last minute booking as well

You can search for travel destination across the world in a matter of minutes

Our flight booking software for travel agents allows you to make safe and secure transactions

You will be able to sell more tickets, thus increasing your revenue

You get an opportunity to engage with your customers and increase customer loyalty

You will get more customers in your shop and add more business

You get a chance to become a technology-enabled retailer in your neighbourhood

Why Should You Consider Becoming a Flight Booking Agent?

We provide a flight booking portal for travel agents for all our agents that makes the job easy for you. If you are still wondering why you should be a flight booking agent, here are a few reasons:

1. You will have access to great deals, which means you can offer your customers great deals on flight tickets. If you offer them good deals, they will come to you in the future as well for flight ticket booking.

2. Apart from offering them flight ticketing booking using the flight booking systems, you can also offer them travel packages. You will have access to tour packages and book the same for your customers. So, you can offer them a full travel package along with the flight bookings.

3. You get the ability to book last minute flights on an emergency basis, which is beneficial for businesses. Apart from individual customers, you can also tie-up with businesses and offer them your ticket booking services.

4. As an agent, you can offer travel insurance to your customers at an affordable price.

All these will help you get more customers and more revenue.

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