Strategies for increasing sales

strategies for increasing sales



Increasing sales is often conceptualized as expanding stores and changing the look and feel of the store. It is a misconception that by changing the expanse of the store one can increase sales. An increase in the sales is often catered by the inventory, the people and the opportunity. The look and feel is important but it is just a part of it, the driving change is the change in your ways of marketing.

Listed below are some strategies to boost sales and increase store revenue.

  • Extra stock of products for random picks

Add on products are boosters to sales. At a mobile store, stock of phone accessories like phone covers are add on products and this can lead to customers lingering around the store for a longer time and in turn boosting sales.

  • Smart sales is the key

Mention products on sale and offers near cash counters to attract customers to buy product availing the offer. This would not only increase sales but also push customers to buy other add on products in the store.

  • Know your best sellers

In every store there are a set of products which are fast selling and some products which are not as fast selling as the latter and knowing the best sellers are like book stores placing books with best seller mark on it at their most sought for counter. Placing a bestselling product and associating it with a product which is not as fast selling is a trick to increase sales. Also one must have a good inventory.

  • Analysing and categorising the sale of products

Categorising your products and analysis of their sales report is the first step to increasing sales. While analysing the report the accounting reveals the product which are not fast moving and helps the store keeper in managing his products and assorting his products rightly. If the products are assorted well the sales will increase.

  • Well trained team and improved selling techniques

An efficient team is a source to quick progress and having a well-trained team is blessing in disguise. Sales is science in which innovation is the key and statistics is the path to that key. One does not just see the product brand but also the store brand. If the image of the store is good the trust will increase and they will visit the store frequently leading to an increase in the sales.


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