Steps to set up a Retail Store

steps to set up a retail store


Globally retail market is booming at a great speed & stores are in good demand. A retail store gains more profit if one goes in a well designed manner which includes many other factors beyond finding a shop & product sales. This Article covers many such tips for successful Retail Business.


Why Retail Store?

Nowadays E-Commerce is trending everywhere but still there are consumers who don’t prefer online shopping. This brings an opportunity for you to open a retail store in the location where the demand for retail products by consumers is high. A thorough analysis prior to setting up of a retail store like from where the target market is purchasing products, best location for the store where consumers need for your product is high and also the quality of the product plays a significant role. It would be an added advantage if you have the monopoly to sell the product.


Cost of Setting up Retail Store

Rent Of The Store – It is one of the important aspects while starting a business. It can vary with respect to city, location, area & basic facilities. For retail stores one thing should be clear in the mind is the rent which is a fixed cost & huge expense to be bared every month. Look for a good store with an affordable rent & one-time security deposit paid to the store owner. Parking facility near the store also plays an important.

Operational Cost – For smooth functioning of the store there are some operational cost involved such as electricity, water charges, maintenance charges with certain one-time investment such as interior of the store, racks, shelves, cash counter & labour/employee cost.

Inventory – Whether you manufacture the product or you buy it from the suppliers, cost & stock has to be kept in mind because a shop with fewer varieties of products will not encourage customers to visit your shop. A good selection of wholesale supplier of products may help to cut down the purchase cost.

Marketing – It is the back bone for starting retail store & plays an important role prior to launch of the store till the first day of functioning. Marketing involves a number of activities like interior display in the shop, banners, price tags, logo of your brand & trademark registration of the same, business cards, barcode billing system, promotional carry bags & other medium of advertisements.


How to run a Retail Store 

Retail store is a place where a consumer visits regularly for their daily need products. In order to run the store successfully one has to keep some important points such as:

  • Systematic workflow in store by the staff to ensure smooth functioning of the store in your absence.
  • Punctuality with regards to store timings.
  • Proper guidance & help to customers when asked for the same.
  • Simple & Faster payment facility is more preferred by the consumers.
  • Customer loyalty program always helps to get publicity for your store.
  • Proper display of the products in the shop also plays a keen role.

In the initial stage of your retail store business try to keep rolling your profits effectively as it may result in good profitable business in the future.

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