Qualities for Successful Counter Sales



For Successful Sales of Products & Brands the efforts have to be focused, target oriented & goal driven. The sales person needs to possess some required skills to make selling more result oriented & make the task more enjoyable. Although main focus of every Sale is to achieve success but the actual fact is that selling is done for some common factors like maximization, make customers loyal, attract customers for repeat activity. Today, Shopping Malls are gaining more importance as compared to counter sales thus, making sales persons job difficult to attract customers.

Below are some essential skills required by sales staff for Successful Counter Sales:

Communication Skills: It is very important for a sales person to communicate effectively & clearly to the customer. To participate actively in the sales process communication plays an important role for a sales person thus, helping customer to walk in with their needs & end with proper purchase decision. Customer wants to get properly communicated about details of the product or service they are looking for.

Good Listener: Listening also plays an important role in sales process. Sales person should be a good listener in order to understand customers needs & help them meet their demands. He should try to engage customer in conversation. It should not be one-way conversation. Always try to ask customer different questions related to his requirement for a product or service.

Up-to-Date: For A Sales process to be successful, it is very necessary for a sales person to be up-to-date with the information related to the product or service he is selling. Knowledge about your product is necessary & helps you to convince the customer easily. Buyers may have many queries related to price, range, quality, warranty, guarantee, user-friendly, service, etc. of the product which the sales person must be capable of answering them with appropriate information.

Self-Disciplined: It is very important for a sales person to be punctual & disciplined in the sales process. Sales person should try to avoid gossiping, chatting with colleagues, laughing or criticizing customer when at counter, because a customer notices many factors during purchasing & this may lead to change in decision making.

Persuasive & Not Irritating: A sales person must have the quality to persuade the customer in making purchase decision kindly. He should not try to irritate the customer

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