Pay1 के कारण हमारे व्यापार मे 3 गुना तरक्की हुईं

मेरा नाम आशु जैन हैं, में दिल्ली से हूँ. बहुत छोटी उमर मे मेरी शादी हो गयी जिसके कारण में बारहवी के आगे पढ़ नही पाई. मेरे पति का होल्सेल बिज़्नेस हैं. शादी के बाद मैने महसूस किया की बिज़्नेस कि टेन्षन और घटती आमदनी से हमारे जीवन में बहुत दिक्कते आ रही थी. व्यापार […]


Creating a ‘Digitally connected’ India

Everywhere there is talk of digital inclusion and digital payments. The Government is earnestly pushing for the same. Recently, NITI Ayog reiterated digital thrust as a focus area amongst the 300 action points submitted for accelerating Indian economy. Yet, for this to happen, India needs to be digitally connected and even if the whole length-breadth […]


Helping India transit from a large cash economy to cash-less and digital economy

The ‘Asian Development Outlook 2017: Transcending the Middle-Income Challenge’ has forecasted India’s GDP to grow by 7.4% in 2017 and 7.6% in 2018. The report further states that India will continue to maintain its status as the world’s fastest growing major economy. Recent banking reforms and the Government’s drive for digital payments/transactions are a big […]

Balanced Workforce and Automation

India Doesn’t Need Mass Production; It Needs Production by Masses

India is a country that flourishes on human resources. The westernization or technological advancements have shown radical transformations in its business processes and commercial transactions, the core essence of all the businesses being us! Yes, we the humans! Being the second most populated country in the world, there is a large availability of a workforce […]