How Retail Business has changed in last few years

online shopping

Nowadays, consumers shopping ways has drastically changed compared to previous few years. It is either online through laptop or offline by the means of window shopping at main street shops or hanging out at the mall. But in today’s competitive market retailers are adapting digital means of marketing to attract more customers & extend their reach. The five points below discusses in detail about the same.

Consumers are smarter as much as salesman.

Consumers in the past used to visit stores with almost very little or no knowledge about the product or services and were dependent on salesman to guide them.

Nowadays Consumers are clever & they do good research before they do any  shopping because they want to optimize their every penny & get the best deal, so the retailers role becomes more important in converting the online customer to offline by providing them good offers, services, benefits, etc.

Retailers help customers by providing relevant & personal suggestions.

In the past retailers used to welcome customers in their shop from nearby location & understand their needs & preferences.

In today’s modern age customers are more connected with devices & online markets. Devices help customers to locate nearby resource for their product & services so retailers have to be in touch with the customers through online segment to satisfy their needs. Retailers who are not updated as per todays may lose his share in the market.

Store visit by customers is diverted through devices.

Few years back customers used to find the product & store depending on the easy availability of the product, nearby location or recommendations.

In this present technological world customer searches for the product & nearby store on device itself, so the retailers need to be updated with the technology by providing them map guidance, click to call facility, attractive offers for customers. Thus, device plays an important role of one stop shopping for customers.

Opinions are always helpful for retailers.

Back in the past retailers believed in word of mouth publicity or some promotional activities shared by friends & relatives to introduce new products in the market to attract new customers.

Today this has changed to a great extent today with the help of social media & marketing through which customers share their opinions & reviews on the product or service thus helping retailers to make alterations accordingly. Retailers also have opportunity to counteract the negative aspect by using the positive reviews in advertising their business.

Feel of The Product.

Internet those days helped customers to do research but could not get the physical feel of product even in the shelf or floor of the store.

Nowadays internet helps customers to get live feel of the products through various features like videos, 360 views, and gestural controls. But online shopping gives an opportunity to retailers by providing the physical feel of product. Thus, it opens a way for the retailers.

Retailers Should be aware of the latest technology & provide different tools to customers like image of the product, details about the same, videos related to the product which also promotes the product & important of all customer service. All these technological aspects when used well will result in good results for retailers. Device just plays a vital role of proxy as compared to reality.

This concludes that to survive in such a competitive market, retailers are supposed to be well updated with good online presence.

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