The Future of Unorganised retail: The fusion of technology, offline retail, and buyer preference has given offline a comeback in a new avatar.

Could the wave of the future be a dig from the past? In the 1970’s and thereabouts, the delivery of grocery and other staples was a dominant part of the culture in countries like North America and Europe. In India, for example, the door to door delivery of milk, vegetables, and home-cooked meals has never […]


Pragati capital is focused on providing financial empowerment: Ek kadam, aarthik aazadi ki or….

  When Naresh Gupta, of Banaras ran pillar to post looking for a bank loan, he realised that it was easier to either sell off his assets or trade away aspirations to expand his business than get a loan to do so. Bereft of hope and access to capital, Naresh is the story of thousands of other such retailers, […]

Investing in technologies, is always the best choice.

Investing in technologies is always the best choice.

Why are small businesses keen to invest in technologies? Old thought, philosophies and concepts sometimes seem true whilst you run a business. Old theories like you have to spend money to make money being on of the classics and its relevance being apt in the world of technologies. If your small business fails to invest properly […]

Productivity boosters for your small business

Productivity boosters for your small business

Is slow productivity stopping your business from growing rapidly? Productivity holds a very important segment in business, most particularly within small companies. If your business is running at maximum productivity, there is scope that you can make it more efficient and profitable, by enabling it to develop and grow. However, there are other factors that […]