Digital penetration vs. Digital payments

2016 saw the epilogue of higher denomination currency, our government’s decision of demonitisation changed the financial landscape of India.  That decision also led to the rise of digital payment systems and a cashless economy. Before talking about Digital payment system penetration, let’s talk about Internet penetration. Internet users in India have grown extensively in the last […]


Pay1 mPOS – Making positive changes in business outcomes, opportunities and sales

Naresh runs a well-equipped retail store in Ajmer, a small town in Rajasthan. While the town and his store both are brimming with commercial activities- Naresh observed a strange plateau in his business in spite of having a well-provided store.  Naresh had an efficient home delivery system, an updated inventory, card payment system and a […]


आधार ATM – डिजिटल पेमेंट में क्रांति

“आधार” एक ऐसा शब्द जिससे पूरा भारत देश वाक़िफ़ है| आधार आइडी, जिसे पाने के लिए सभी भारतीय घंटो क़तारों में खड़े होकर थकावट और पसीने की परवाह ना करते हुए डटे रहे| एक समय जिस आधार को अनावश्यक साबित करने के लिए माहोल बनाया गया, आज भारत में उसी आधार कार्ड के लिए 99% […]