How is a retailer centric ecosystem the future of business?

Pay1 keeps its retailers at the centre of business, strategy and culture. With financial inclusion, entrepreneur empowerment and frictionless offline to the online transition of a plethora of micro-retailers, traders and small business across India, Pay1 is focussed on being the voice of the retailers.  It is tenacious in its approach to understanding, adapting and […]

Empowered Local Shopkeeper

Here’s how Pay1 contributes to the economy by empowering the local shopkeepers.

The boom of urbanization and digital revolution in India has transformed Indian marketplaces never before. The retail industry in India shares about 22% of its GDP in Indian economy. As of 2015, there were 12 million kirana stores in India translating into 10 stores per 1,000 Indians. The advent of FDI in retail has enabled […]

Retail in India

Do We Understand What Retail In India Is?

The Myth There has been a lot of hue and cry about FDI in retail since 2012. If you look at the news stories in the media you’ll get the impression that ‘retail’ means showroom chains, hypermarkets and departmental stores for high income group urban consumers. Although the Indian retail market has been valued at […]

Easy transfer of funds via NEFT & RTGS

Easy transfer of funds via NEFT & RTGS

For those who have been tired of transferring funds, here is what the govt has for you.. The RBI’s fund transfer options – NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) and RTGS (Real-Time Gross Settlement) provide digital transfer of funds from the remitter, who has an account in one bank, to the beneficiary, who has an account […]

Renting or buying your business space- Which of it is a better?

Renting or buying your business space- Which of it is a better?

Confused on whether to RENT or BUY your business space? Let’s get you started! While doing a business there are various decisions to be made. Amongst a hoard of decisions, deciding on whether to buy or rent your business space is yet another decision that sets your brain on a series of debates. The two […]

How to make your small business count

How to make your small business count?

If adding value to your small business is a challenge, it’s time you win it Running a small business could be challenging, to manage your employees, market your products and everything in between. As a small business owner, you have to handle too many things at one go. With all these multitasking, the chances of […]

Productivity boosters for your small business

Productivity boosters for your small business

Is slow productivity stopping your business from growing rapidly? Productivity holds a very important segment in business, most particularly within small companies. If your business is running at maximum productivity, there is scope that you can make it more efficient and profitable, by enabling it to develop and grow. However, there are other factors that […]

success comes with being a student

Success comes with being a student

Life is a forever teacher and you are meant to be a forever student! There is no full stop to learning. Success comes to those who believe in competing and learning. In fact there are four basic competencies, which needs to be developed for succeeding in life. These include communication skills, creation of positive personal […]

How to start a business while working a full-time job in 6 steps

How to start a business while working a full-time job in 6 steps

We all work to earn enough and save and eventually till our earnings to multiply. If working is just to procure money for your long time business plans then why wait till you have enough funds? Instead why not try starting a business while working full time. Here are a few steps one adopt to […]