Upskill Employee Story – Yojana Desai

Giving opportunities to learn- becoming a domain expert and a promising leader… Yojana Prasad Desai is a number cruncher. She is the arithmetic behind the accounts team, supporting the finance, and safeguarding the buck at Pay1. With an experience spanning over a decade in managing finance and accounts, Yojana has built her name as a […]

Tips to keep your remote team motivated

Tips to keep your remote team motivated

How motivated do you keep your remote team? Just providing a team with the requirements they seek is not enough. Like all relations there is a work place relation, if you haven’t thought about it as yet it’s time you get started! A team working remotely doesn’t necessarily mean they are working because they are […]

How to make your small business count

How to make your small business count?

If adding value to your small business is a challenge, it’s time you win it Running a small business could be challenging, to manage your employees, market your products and everything in between. As a small business owner, you have to handle too many things at one go. With all these multitasking, the chances of […]