Pay1 Travel – A Merchant’s travel booking partner.

14 sept blog

Travel and Tourism is one of the biggest sectors of our country. With almost 9.6% contribution to India’s total GDP, Travel and Tourism provides opportunities to multiple B2C companies to expand their operations extensively in the same. But Pay1 Travel is not any run of the mill travel platform that competes with the likes of other travel companies. As with any of our services, our sole focus is the betterment of retailers and providing them with multiple business opportunities ranging from sector to sector which will only strengthen the retail foundation of our country. We had written about this in our previous blog where the retailer centric approach and promoting micro-entrepreneurship is at the center of our product development. Travel pushes the boundaries of ticket booking and equips our local retailers with more opportunities to earn as we aptly say “It is when our retail network progresses, we progress along with them”.

Pay1 Travel gives opportunities to our network to book Flight tickets, Train tickets and Hotel Booking at a competitive price and every booking will lead to profitable commissions for our retailers. With its unique approach to booking the platform dwells into a high demand sector increasing the earning potential of our retailers and simultaneously creating convenience for their customers. Currently, Travel offers Domestic flight and Hotel booking and International flight booking with IRCTC right around the corner. Travel, as any other business model/Service of Pay1 is ever evolving and with more services like tour packages to be included in the near future, Travel services will increase the earning potential of our retailers diversify their income and strengthen their financial capabilities.

Some of the Key Advantages that the Pay1 Travel delivers to its retailers…

  1. Customizable merchant commission model on each ticket booking – Our Merchants can personalize his/her income on every ticket that is booked. The margins for the profit can be increased as per the merchants liking without increasing the fare for their customer. The competitive pricing and the customizable profit margins are one of the most important features of the Travel service.
  2. Superior UX/UI for easy navigation on the platform – We have already detailed the four principles that we follow while creating the interface and the user experience for our retailers in our previous blog. While designing Travel we followed the same set of rules. The retailer has all the options and features laid out in front of them for simple and straightforward navigation.
  3. Multi-Platform Support – A retailer can access Travel via desktop or mobile. We will soon be launching the Travel App which will further ease out the ticket booking activity for the retailer.

Travel with its always developing business model aims to target maximum offline unorganised retailers. Pre-booking offers for Travel have already been commenced where the retailer will get a certain amount of discount for the services availed. The demand for Travel is already quite high and we expect to tap the market untouched by our other services. We anticipate a steep rise in users especially in tier 2 and tier 3 markets as the customer base in those markets still rely on offline ticket booking as compared to the customers in the urban areas. The launch of the Travel platform brings us one step closer to our goal of empowerment and financial development of the unorganised retail audience of our country.