Pragati Capital is now updated with Digital Gold

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Gold is one of the oldest commodities we trade in, a precious metal that hasn’t lost its value over many centuries and it hardly ever will. A metal with intrinsic value that is a crucial part of daily lives to the economic stability of the country. We all invest in gold. Some hope to earn profits and some purchase it intentionally as an asset of value.

We at Pay1 are quite aware of the importance of gold in the investment scenario. Keeping that in mind we have launched Digital Gold in Pragati Capital. At just a touch of a button, the retailer can help the customer buy gold at the amount feasible to the customer. The minimum amount that the customer can invest in gold is just Rs 1, this gives our network an opportunity to promote the service better and also streamline the investments. As with any of our service the retailer earns commission on the first amount the customer invests.

There are numerous features of Pragati Gold that retail and customer can benefit from,

  • Minimum Investment value is just Rs. 1
  • Invested gold can be delivered to your doorstep
  • The gold is stored in absolutely secured and safe locker
  • The more the customer invest the more the retailer earns
  • Real-time tracking of profits and investments

02 Blog 15 Nov Features

The digital gold feature has amped up the usage of Pragati Capital. Today, a Pragati retailer has numerous options to gain financial independence via the Pragati platform. This update will help our retailers get more footfalls and increase the capabilities of the platform in Hinterlands. Digital gold because of its ease to access is a process-friendly service in which the user just has to add their Pan Card detail to start investing. Due to this the traction for the service in tier 2 and tier 3 market is already on the rise.

A hassle-free way to gold investment

  1. Open the Pragati Capital App – Click on “Gold”
  2. Register the customer’s detail and the OTP
  3. Type the price the customer wants to invest in gold

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As with any service in Pragati Capital, the digital gold creates opportunities to expand the potential of the Pay1 retailer. With Pragati Capital and multiple service updates lined up. A Pay1 shop today is a literal one-stop shop.