Pragati Capital is now updated with Digital Gold

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Gold is one of the oldest commodities we trade in, a precious metal that hasn’t lost its value over many centuries and it hardly ever will. A metal with intrinsic value that is a crucial part of daily lives to the economic stability of the country. We all invest in gold. Some hope to earn profits and some purchase it intentionally as an asset of value.

We at Pay1 are quite aware of the importance of gold in the investment scenario. Keeping that in mind we have launched Digital Gold in Pragati Capital. At just a touch of a button, the retailer can help the customer buy gold at the amount feasible to the customer. The minimum amount that the customer can invest in gold is just Rs 1, this gives our network an opportunity to promote the service better and also streamline the investments. As with any of our service the retailer earns commission on the first amount the customer invests.

There are numerous features of Pragati Gold that retail and customer can benefit from,

  • Minimum Investment value is just Rs. 1
  • Invested gold can be delivered to your doorstep
  • The gold is stored in absolutely secured and safe locker
  • The more the customer invest the more the retailer earns
  • Real-time tracking of profits and investments

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The digital gold feature has amped up the usage of Pragati Capital. Today, a Pragati retailer has numerous options to gain financial independence via the Pragati platform. This update will help our retailers get more footfalls and increase the capabilities of the platform in Hinterlands. Digital gold because of its ease to access is a process-friendly service in which the user just has to add their Pan Card detail to start investing. Due to this the traction for the service in tier 2 and tier 3 market is already on the rise.

A hassle-free way to gold investment

  1. Open the Pragati Capital App – Click on “Gold”
  2. Register the customer’s detail and the OTP
  3. Type the price the customer wants to invest in gold

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As with any service in Pragati Capital, the digital gold creates opportunities to expand the potential of the Pay1 retailer. With Pragati Capital and multiple service updates lined up. A Pay1 shop today is a literal one-stop shop.

How being a start-up employee engagement becomes extremely crucial

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Life at a start-up is dynamic, sometimes chaotic and muddled. Every day presents new challenges that the employees tackle efficiently and effectively. Running through a week piled up with work is taxing and as the weekend nears the office animates with the weekend plans. But for any company to function right it becomes necessary for start-ups like us to keep their employees engaged. The word ‘engagement’ for us means a lot more than team building activities. It is a constant process that includes creating a supportive work environment and pushing the boundaries of work by constantly challenging the employees and giving them opportunities to learn.

We are very proud of our employee retention rate which is almost 100%, there are things we follow to keep that rate consistently high.

1) Flat organisation

Keeping the employees involved in the decision making process and giving each and every employee a considerable chunk of responsibility critical to the functioning of the company is how we define our work environment. We hardly have any layers within the organisation. The employees are given the utmost freedom to experiment creatively and technically during the development phase of the product.

2) Promoting synchronisation

A ship sails smoothly on the seas only when the crew does their duty effectively and in sync with each other. The development of a product, marketing and sales are only effectual when the team is synchronised to the goal. The teams meet regularly to list out the intricacies that follow the development, marketing and how we can tackle the same.

3) Celebrating the smallest of things

A birthday celebration or a team lunch party or celebrating farewell’s with our interns, we celebrate the smallest of the things in the company. There are days when a mountain of work piles up, but there are also days when we wallow in downtime.

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4) Making best use of the time and resources

In a start-up resources are scarce and time scarcer, we have to make sure that the work that we plan for a certain week does not spill into other. We aim to reach checkpoints weekly before reaching our monthly goals.

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5) It is not always about work

We go for company picnics, revel in Garba celebrations and participate in carom tournaments. We believe in working hard but when it comes to occasions as such we don’t hold ourselves back.

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A company functions right when the employees are enthusiastic and dedicated towards the work and the vision the company aims to achieve. In a microwork environment of a start-up employee recognition also plays an important role, it is the peers within the team that inspire each other. Pay1 has a conducive work environment, the employees here are extremely passionate about their work and are eager to learn more and deliver better every time they come to work.

How Partnering up with Pay1 help companies reach their business goals…


The course of the retail industry has changed dramatically in recent years. With increased awareness, flexible government policies favouring the retail especially the unorganised retail market and the rise in technology, the foundation of our retail economy previously ignored has started to strengthen. In India, at times value is where the volume is and nothing can be compared to the mammoth market share these unorganised retail stores have in the Indian economy. We have written about this inordinately in the past that to develop our economy we need to develop the Kirana stores.

Over the course of 2018, we have launched many services that have optimised the business of our retail network and increased their profitability. But the end line for us is not just the development of the unorganised retail sector rather a doorway to vast opportunities and creative business ideas. One of the many ideas is developed around partnering up with companies that are looking to achieve a wider reach in the markets undiscovered, as we have our network spread throughout the country and also in areas identified as a potential market.


The Advantages of Partnering with us

  • Wide-reaching network –

We have more than 50,000 retailers active on monthly basis, who are using various services. The strong point for us is the widespread reach that we are able to gain through these merchants. Our retailer base is spread to most of the corners of the country where traditional marketing mediums don’t always work. The Pay1 retailer acts as a channel to other companies to reach out.


  • Offline Branding –

Offline advertising is an important medium of communication for many companies. We make sure that the retail shops in our network optimally utilise their infrastructure. Third party companies can promote themselves via the Pay1 shop


  • Our retail network act as your sales agent –

Imagine having a sales team in 350+ cities spread out in various nooks and corners of the areas selling/promoting your product. Our retailer will act a satellite salesperson for the third party companies partnered with Pay1. Generating leads in areas where the companies will not be able to generate through traditional marketing mediums is quite possible via the Pay1 Platform.


  • Gainful Insights –

Demographic data, survey’s and transactional data help the partnered companies mould their marketing communication as per the data mined.


  • One of a kind platform –

The Pay1 Platform is constantly evolving, we have launched some of the most comprehensive services in the year 2018 and we plan to launch more products with more earning opportunities. The services currently launched not only help our retailer earn better but also gives a platform to third-party companies to sell their products. Pragati Capital, Shop1 and Pay1 Digi have given opportunities to many companies reach their sales goal.


The constant revisions on the platform develop better interactivity of the companies and the retailers and vice versa. The possibilities for business ideas are endless. Multinationals and start-ups get inexpensive marketing and product development solutions.