Diwali brings amazing earning opportunities to our ‘Offline Retail Network’

Blog post 6 nov

The festival of light proclaims prosperity and success, it brings an atmosphere of growth where every business tries their best to cash in on the festive season and grow. Our business model being symbiotic the only way for us to grow is when our agents and network upgrade and earn more income during the festivals. Keeping that in mind we already have launched gamut of services that will equip and enable our retailers and help them secure their future and give them opportunities to grow.

Diwali begets the rise in online sales of apparels and electronics. A traditional offline retail shop normally suffers a lot due to not being able to compete with the online organised retail platforms. Today we prefer online platforms not because we get offers which normally are just a marketing tool to attract more customers but mainly because of the convenience of payment, EMI options and home deliveries. The rise of digital payments has changed the buying behaviour of customers, especially in urban and semi-urban areas. This brings together opportunities for the companies to track, monitor and analyse a person’s buying habits. Online retail forestalls the growth of offline in many ways but the tide is about to change.

A Pay1 retailer today can provide the same if not more services; by being a part of the Pay1 platform the merchant gets access to various services that help them help their customers avail better services. We are at a point where today if a merchant becomes a Pay1 merchant he/she will take the transactions entirely digital, avail personal loans or sell mutual funds and insurance and become a travel booking agent, provide mini atm services point or sell high end and in-demand products including mobile phones or mobile accessories at a competitive market price we have already written about this here. The hybrid of offline reach and the online retail market is how the retail sector in India is going to evolve. Online does not guarantee reach-ability but our platform does to our retailers/partner companies. We have created a perfect hybrid by taking the best from both the worlds and moulded it into a scalable Pay1 merchant platform.

This festive season, especially for the Pay1 retailer, has become profitable and it will continue to be so considering that we have only just begun. As we have mentioned before the retail market will evolve when the online and offline retail work together, the digital business integrated into the offline unorganised market has not only helped develop the Pay1 retailers but also the market they operate in.

This Diwali has been extremely good, to see our merchants progress the way they have and also some couple of service launches especially Digital gold’s which has been integrated on the Pragati platform. There are more services that are going to be launched soon which will bridge the gap between Offline and Online e-commerce retail market.

Tips to Market Your Business Offline

Tips to Market Your Business Offline

Have you thought about marketing your business offline?

While your business markets online, you can also maintain an offline mode of marketing, a good balance between an online and offline marketing strategy could help promote your business. If your business has any type of local roots, you should really look into promoting locally as well. When it comes to local marketing you are going to have to find some kind of investment. But just like any work and business related investment, the hope is that it will give you a return. Plus, local marketing can get you a crowd you may have been missing while you were focusing online, since not everyone uses the internet, and not everyone is on it on a regular basis.


How do you go about it?

A few ways in which you can market offline while you stay efficient marketing online are as follows:

Forever Paper – Invest In Paper Products!
It’s always been about paper, after the advent of paper marketing all official marketing strategies were mostly on paper. With the technological advancement marketing has reached the next level i.e., digital media marketing. Everything has become online and the tangibility has been wiped off.


Tangible goods often have an emotional connect with, here marketing using paper products adds flavours of concern and makes your customer feel special. Consider getting some promotional stickers made, or even some brochures that introduce people to your business without forcing them to get online if they don’t want to. Business cards are still a wise investment though. Get something colorful, embossed, or that stands out in some way that makes people want to look at it.

S.W.A.G. – Considered Sending Worthwhile S.W.A.G.s?
With S.W.A.G.s (Stuff We All Get) on the go, a thing as simple as a button or a pen promoting your business. People like free things, and pens are something they actually use on a regular basis.


You can also get a little more creative. If you run a retail store or some kind of financial business, you may want your swag to revolve around money. Like you could give discount coupons to a regular customer, with your brand on it.

Go Local – Advertise Locally When You Can
Talk to your customers, if you think them to be potential customers offering them tea and talking to them over a cup of tea could do amazing wonders in your statistics. You might even want to find out what businesses allow you to post business cards or flyers. A great old fashioned way to be found by potential new customers and clients.


Whilst you strive hard to support your online marketing, the online world also requires creativity as well, especially if you are a business wanting to do more than local sales. Think both global and local and you’ll have all of your bases covered!