UPSKILL: Employee story – Ketan Parmar



When Ketan Parmar joined Pay1, five years back he was stepping out of his comfort zone. Having worked in the BPO space before joining the retail-tech start-up, Ketan was changing his industry and his career path.

Now five years down and jumping from peak to peak of success, career growth, and personality development, the story of Ketan is a reflection of the Pay1 character.

Hailing from a humble background, the commerce graduate, Ketan had seen a strongly regimented culture at the BPOs. The work-life their revolved around rigid KRAs, mono-line functions and working by the clock approach. The professional growth and bonuses were firmly tied around rigid ‘call’ targets.  While he attributes a lot of his leanings to his first jobs, it is with us where he understood possibilities of career expansion and managerial roles.

Compared to other companies we have a very different work culture. For starters- we provides a level playing field to everyone. The freedom to learn, encouraging seniors and giving personal attention to every employee are what set the start-up apart from other workplaces. “The senior executive team takes an interest in every person’s personal and professional goals. This doubles the employee’s commitment and ownership to his role,” says Ketan.

Ketan joined Pay1 as an executive in the retailer inquiry function. He started from basics like learning to draft an email, training on talking to people and handling queries, learning to make reports and working in cross-functional teams. But all this has been possible because of patient mentoring, constant handholding and motivating bosses and colleagues.

Now Ketan not only leads two teams of inbound and outbound sales but also trains staff for sales generation. Over the years he has learned to make business modules, interview for executive-level hiring, understand costs of sales and finances, and people management.

It is the freedom to explore, recommend changes and see them implemented that has given him immense confidence in his abilities. Pay1 has not only given his career a direction, but also helped him in personal development and professional growth.

Ketan is now carrying on the Pay1 legacy of being a motivating, approachable and a concerned leader to his team of 30 people

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