UPSKILL: Employee story– Deepti Chauhan

13th march (1)


Pay1 is an organisation that embodies empowerment to the core. It values its women power and hopes to contribute in shaping its talented women workforce into leaders of tomorrow. One such leader is Deepti Chauhan who has been a strong pillar of the organisation since past 4.5 years.

Deepti was looking for a profile expansion and career enhancement when someone referred her to Pay1.  She had a vast experience as a team leader in the customer care vertical of a retail network firm.   After achieving great success at this role, Deepti decided it was time for a new role and new challenges.

Her first role at Pay1 was in inventory management. This role entailed negotiations, third-party deals, vendor interactions, managing inventory supply chain etc. While all of this was new and exciting, it also meant new challenges. Deepti remembers being a bundle of nerves during her initial days at Pay1. But giving everyone a chance to unleash their potential is the Pay1 anthem, and like many others, Deepti was also lucky to have been given that chance.

The inventory management was done by a lean team of three people, with the co-founder being one of them. Deepti remembers those days when her seniors and co-founder explained her processes, brick by brick cementing her confidence with their constant motivation and hand holding.  “It was because of my boss’s motivation that I didn’t give up,” explains the grateful Deepti who is now leading a team herself.

Pay1 is an organisation that believes in learning by doing and walking an extra mile to help people grow. True to its culture, Deepti was extended immense support and handholding to learn the skills of negotiations, vendor management, budgeting, fixing margins and many more. This period of working with the seniors and co-founders like friends and mentors has also been a phase of personal growth. “I have become a confident communicator and a perceptive person,” says Deepti.

Soon Deepti became adroit at handling the entire vertical herself. The co-founder who was leading the business gave her the baton of the business and moved to another business function. This was the time Deepti learned how to become a leader. She learned the art of interviewing, hiring and cultivating people.

With empowerment and opportunities ingrained in the Pay1 fabric, the start-up is always happy to satisfy the professional quest of eager learners.  Therefore, when Deepti decided to scale yet another mountain of opportunities, she was greeted with open doors. In the second phase of career advancement, Deepti is now a part of the wholesale product team.

Ready to embrace new challenges and be on constant learning, Deepti is now a part of piloting new products, undertake market research and gather retailer feedback. She analyses data with incisive insights which help in product designing, identifying trends and forging the right partnerships.

In her current role, Deepti works directly with the CEO, who has a very solution-oriented approach. She feels lucky to be a part of a start-up which focuses on helping people discover themselves and be a springboard of opportunities.

Led by a team of professionals who are approachable, supportive and willing to coach, Pay1 makes every day a delightful welcome to work.




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