The Unconventional Woman-Naziya Khan

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We have a tendency to complain about our monotony in life, the routine that we all live in sometimes gets overwhelming, but in all of this, we forget that we are also a little fortunate to go on grumbling about minor topics. Every day we cross paths with people who live extraordinary lives but still manage to tackle through their daily routine with ease and without complaining. They give us perspective.

Gender equality is a topic that we raise quite frequently, but sometimes men cannot have equal footing as women. Her support never ceases to end, surprisingly! The grace with which she carries herself and the flair through which she manages and balances her life regardless of the circumstance is astounding to say the least. We presume that would be one of the reasons why we celebrate womanhood on 8th March every year. One such person who works among us is an inspiration to all of us. The poise with which she balances her personal life and work life is beyond commendable.

Naziya started working with us on January 14th, 2014 as a customer care executive. In the span of just 6 months, she was promoted to a team leader for the grievance department. It was her knack to understand the customer and her quick learning ability that made it possible for her to shoulder such heavyweight responsibilities in such a short time. Life for her was taking its course, a year after she joined Pay1 she got married. Happy and excited as she was at work, personally the news of marriage and emotional stability made her evolve. This was the point in her life when the definition of balance made sense, to handle one thing in itself is a task but to perfectly keep two worlds in complete sync and harmony is another. Naziya in both the worlds exceeded, so much so she was also given the responsibility to handle the telesales team.

With a smile, she tells “It was a challenge as learning something new always is. I learned a lot and handling a team made me confident in my abilities. I had to teach new employees on how to deal with the customers and how to present yourself and the product in a better way. I was given so many responsibilities that the time to think about my personal  problems were out of the question, when I place my finger on the scanner from that moment onwards my focus stays on my work and not my personal worry.”

Life never goes a straight road, with bumps and gravels and the climbs and steep falls, it bruises our legs but it slowly makes us stronger. Naziya’s beautiful son Ahaan was born 2 months prematurely and was kept under constant oxygen supply for quite a long time. She was by him throughout, she stayed with him as she knew he needed her strength to come out of this and he did. But even today the trips to the hospital don’t end.  Maintaining equilibrium of work and personal life even in these difficult times stayed in perfect consonance as it is a talent that she bears. It is the strength of hers and strong work ethics that we adore, the surprising fact is she makes everything look effortless.

The beauty lies in the strength of the women and today everyone at Pay1 honours women like Naziya who flow like water making their way through obstacles, unhindered.


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