The Merriment of Holi at Pay1


Without all the festivals and all the caper, the charm of our country will be lost. Festivals and customs are what defines our Indian society. Music, frolic, scrumptious delicacies and sweets that can rouse inner cravings of any person is customary for us Indians. So with all the dedicated observance of celebrations, it is natural that we incorporate the same in our office space.


Here at Pay1 we always celebrate festivals with all its charm. Every year especially on Holi we create an ambience of festivity. Celebrating the festivals of colours with your colleagues enjoying delicious thandai and the playful revenge of throwing colours at each other is an irreplaceable memory that every employee in the organisation cherishes. Work can get mundane at times and as humans, we need that kick we derive from these festivals.


Embracing the employee and the work they do is really important and employee engagement activities for us is just a way to unwind. Work life here is far more important than paycheques. It is a relation of the employees and the company that Pay1 values the most. At the end of the day, it is not one person within the company that will make the difference but the entire team and the individuals within the team supporting each other throughout.


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