The Beautiful Ongoing Journey with Pay1

The Beautiful Ongoing Journey with Pay1


When I had applied and got selected for Marketing Internship at Pay1, I was nervous and ecstatic at the same time as I had no prior job or internship experience. Being a fresher I was excited about the prospects of getting a ground level experience in marketing and also to create business-relevant content. To see how the levers of the real business move is exciting. Here is a recount of my journey.

Getting Tough Challenges at Hand

On my second day itself, I got an opportunity to create the design of the User Interface for an upcoming section in the Pay1 Merchant Application. Though my performance was not satisfactory, it gave me the confidence I needed.


3rd may 2

Work Culture is Like Home Culture

Whenever you go to a new place whether personal or professional you usually have the fear of unknown. Thankfully at Pay1, the work culture is very friendly and there is no dress code, unlike other companies. From HR Manager to the CEO all are very approachable and they guide you at the task in hand and even in help in career guidance.

Pushing the Envelope

In just 10 days I was handed the responsibility of creating LinkedIn posts and hashtags. Now, “it has become a part of my daily routine and by the end of May I am confident that I will be good at content creation.”


A mix of Work and Fun

There always needs to be a proper balance between professional life and fun. During our first week only we had an amazing opportunity to enjoy the Pay1 Cricket League Tournament.


Proving My Perception Wrong

My family members were highly skeptical about how I will cope with the pressure of working. But to their and my own surprise I have not burned out, not for a single day as the work given is always interesting and challenging at the same time.

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That Smile on Your Face after the Day of Hardwork

I go home with a satisfaction that I am making some efforts and contributing to my company & marketing team. The highlight of my ongoing innings with Pay1 came when I was given the task of deciding the blog themes and creating one.

Making Myself a Beast Ready for Future

It’s just been a month of enriching experience and I already feel highly confident and ready to face the real competition in the competitive marketing space. A whole long month is still pending and by that time I am hopeful that I will be better versed and equipped with the practical and most advanced techniques of marketing.



I am the kind of person who would never like to confine myself in a box and at Pay1, I am able to continue the same as I have been getting daily challenges like conducting research or understanding how to work with cross-functional teams and different departments. I am just waiting to take an upgraded version of myself back to my third semester and get myself ready to do a full-time job.