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UPSKILL: Employee story– Deepti Chauhan

  Pay1 is an organisation that embodies empowerment to the core. It values its women power and hopes to contribute in shaping its talented women workforce into leaders of tomorrow. One such leader is Deepti Chauhan who has been a strong pillar of the organisation since past 4.5 years. Deepti was looking for a profile expansion and career enhancement when someone […]

success comes with being a student

Success comes with being a student

Life is a forever teacher and you are meant to be a forever student! There is no full stop to learning. Success comes to those who believe in competing and learning. In fact there are four basic competencies, which needs to be developed for succeeding in life. These include communication skills, creation of positive personal […]

Life lessons one must know in their 30s

Life lessons one must know in their 30s

Life is the greatest teacher! And wise men are the ones who take lessons from others experience and gain their own. We all know about what success is but very few find ways to it and even fewer are capable of maintaining it. Some life lessons one needs to know while nearing his 30s are […]