The Beautiful Ongoing Journey with Pay1

The Beautiful Ongoing Journey with Pay1

  When I had applied and got selected for Marketing Internship at Pay1, I was nervous and ecstatic at the same time as I had no prior job or internship experience. Being a fresher I was excited about the prospects of getting a ground level experience in marketing and also to create business-relevant content. To […]

10th april (1)

Learnings from a Product Launch.

  The unrelenting tick-tock of the clock starts ringing in the head when the deadline is looming over your head. A product launch right at the corner and anxiety shooting up the sky, whilst managing stress and work pressure all the teams within the company are working hand in hand towards a common goal. How […]

30th march_1

Pay1 – The Knock Of Opportunity

Every morning certain hours after first light, you will hear shutters of the shops opening with a roar along with a groan of some middle-aged men stretching their back after pushing up the metal gate. Soliciting our Indian deities for profits after, the dukandaar starts his day. A rustic fan swerving on its axis and the essence […]

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हर्षद पंड्या का सफ़र, Pay1 के साथ…

आप किसी भी गली या नुक्कड़ पर जाए, शहर हो या गाँव, भारत के हर कोने में दुकाने मिलेगी और मिलेगा काउंटर के पीछे बैठा दुकानदार| कोई ग्राहक से संवाद करने में व्यस्त, कोई अख़बार उठाकर देश का हाल जानने में मग्न और कोई रास्ते पर टकटकी लगाए हुए ग्राहक के इंतेज़ार में…| सच पूछो […]

How to start a business while working a full-time job in 6 steps

How to start a business while working a full-time job in 6 steps

We all work to earn enough and save and eventually till our earnings to multiply. If working is just to procure money for your long time business plans then why wait till you have enough funds? Instead why not try starting a business while working full time. Here are a few steps one adopt to […]