Learnings from a Product Launch.

10th april (1)


The unrelenting tick-tock of the clock starts ringing in the head when the deadline is looming over your head. A product launch right at the corner and anxiety shooting up the sky, whilst managing stress and work pressure all the teams within the company are working hand in hand towards a common goal. How many times in all of this hustle do we at the last moment, the moment just before the deadline we get to hear that the deadline has been moved forward due to unforeseen circumstances? The product launch or a service launch intended for tomorrow is postponed for next week or probably next month. Mixed feelings cloud our mind should we be relieved or should we be exasperated, outlook towards the situation varies amongst individuals. Some feel that the postponement will give us more time to better the product and for some the entire plan of action for the launch derails.

We recently went through the same during the AePS launch, the launch was successful and the prebooking numbers for AePS reached beyond our expectations, fortunately. But what happened behind the curtains was no less than a concoction of confusion and madness especially for the marketing team. Different teams within the company had a distinct way of dealing with this. Tech team got more time to fix the bugs, operations got more time to understand the loopholes whereas marketing team had a launch plan which got dragged for more than a month. Every new product launch carries a weight of learning experiences with itself. But one important lesson the marketing team learned from this delay was, marketing plans for some reason do not comply with the timetable. With various product launches, events and seminars that the team has been a part of, deadlines never seemed to arrive at the given hour, either it comes early or it gets postponed.

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

Expecting unscheduled hiccups during the plan is what prepares us for the journey ahead because we all are quite aware that roads become treacherous as we move forward. Marketing sometimes functions effectively under pressure and being a startup the work culture in Pay1 is very dynamic. Every day the team’s mettle is tested, a new communication plan or strategy needs to be developed every other day. Marketing here needs to do more with less and creativity is what refreshes the palate everytime. Aadhar ATM launch taught us about the importance of good content over budget but it also taught us about how time management can never be good enough especially if you call yourself a marketer.

In Pay1 every employee is given the helm and steering oneself through all the intricacies with ease is what we learn here.

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