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Mrs Grover stays in a posh locality in North Mumbai. There are two malls close by. Everything her family and she needs is available in those Malls. Including exotic upscale items. So, you would think that the Grovers would be doing their monthly grocery shopping from one of these malls and the big grocery shops located therein. Right? You wouldn’t be more wrong!

Mrs Grover still prefers to walk over to the nearest kirana store in her street. Or sometimes, just call the shop and ask for home delivery. And pronto! The kirana shop delivers. Cash on delivery. Of course, credit also works. And why not? The kirana shop and Mrs Grover have a relationship based on trust that spans over 30 years. Why would Mrs Grover want to wish it all away for a big grocery store in a mall where she would have to queue up for billing and where she will have to haul all the stuff home? Why indeed?

The kirana store has always been around and will continue to be.

Serving over 500 to 10,000 families in and around their location, the kirana store stands tall amidst the entire hustle bustle that surrounds a big mall.

How do they still do it? What is it that makes the kirana store tick?

  1. Personalization – it is all about trust. You probably grew up seeing the kirana store around you. Both of you have aged together. The trust has been built over years and rests on the foundation of face-to-face interactions. Both of them probably also know the family members. How can a mall teaming with people and billers who are busy with having to deal with crowds ever replace that? How can a mall generate that level of trust?
  2. The practice of credit – remember the times you took stuff from the shop on credit? And no questions asked? That is because of the trust that the relationship is built on.

The Future is Different

The future of retail is different. Technology is now the driver and will continue to be so. It therefore becomes critical that kirana stores bring technology in their systems. Today, the dukhandar struggles to keep pace with the malls and the new products that seem to bombard the market every day. He fears the loss of his loyal customers. He knows he has to change to keep pace.

Technology will help the kirana stores to ensure that newly introduced goods and products are available in their shop. This will help them retain their customers and at the same time attract new ones. Who can resist the lure of a new product in their favorite kirana dukhan?!

The other unique thing that will drive the business further is big data. Each kirana shop can generate detailed data on customer behavior, likes, attitude and consumption pattern that can help in ensuring the right products are available for these customers. Intelligent stocking and the right kind of promotion can certainly lead to a boom in the business. The dukhandar can now know what sells and what doesn’t in his shop.

Why is this change slow then? May be the dukhandar does not know how to go about it. May be he needs a little help? Perhaps a little hand holding? Some clarity?

Join the Network

Pay1 understands all this and is here to lend a helping hand to the dukhandar. Pay1’s digital platform is the simplest way to connect retailers digitally. It’s easy and seamless platform gives the dukhandar instant access to the many innovative products launched by Pay1 and also connects him with a vast network of retailers.

Dukandaar, what are you waiting for then? Join the Dukhandaron Ka Network now!

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